Anivin de France hits 88

22 February, 2013

Anivin de France, the organisation responsible for promoting Vin de France, has announce that 88 wines have been selected to represent the category in 2013.

The wines were selected during the ‘International Best Value Vin de France Selection Tasting’ earlier this month (February 12). This is a 20% increase on the previous year (73 wines selected in 2012). Fifty-six French wine companies entered their wines.

The 88 winning wines were split into two categories: Sixteen gold medals (5% of the total wines); and 72 silvers (25%). The total number of award winning wines amounts to 30%, the standard set by the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin). The medal winning wines are all wines which the judging panel felt sat in the mid-to-premium range of wines within this category which itself represents value for money.

The wines were chosen in Paris by a panel of 35 international wine experts at a blind tasting of 292 wines. Judges included buyers Alexander Woll (Wasgau AG, Germany); Volker Wegener (Fako-M Getranke, Germany); Shuo Yu (Cofco, China), Jacqueline Snoeker (Ahold, Netherlands); Christina Coulourides (Plume Ridge, USA); Anthony Rose, wine columnist from the Independent; Patrick Schmitt (Drinks Business), Cat Lomax (Direct Wines) and Andrew Shaw (Bibendum).In total eight countries were represented among the panel, which included the US for the first time. The tasting was moderated by members of the Union des Oeonologues de France.

The wines will be showcased on a specific stand at France Under One Roof inLondonon March 20 and at Prowein (Stand 5C01) on March 24-26.

Anivin de France director Valérie Pajotin, said: “Thirty five judges from eight countries – European, American and Asian – gives a truly international stamp of authority to this year’s Best Value Vin de France Selection.

Vin de France statistics:

  • Entries increased by 20% on 2012 with 292 wines entered (242 in 2012)
  • Significant increase in red wine entries – 47% of the samples in 2013 v 40% (2012)
  • 56 companies presented their wines
  • Americajoined the international panel with 3 judges in 2013
  • 16 gold medals – 11 white, 5 red
  • 72 silver medals – 35 white, 6 rosé, 36 red
  • Total award winning wines: 52% white; 17% rosé; 41% red

Over the 2011/2012 campaign, 705 wine companies made Vin de France wines (with grape variety mentioned on the label) – 157 négociants & négociants winemakers; 96 co-operatives; and 452 individual wineries. Sales of Vin de France wines with varietal mention on the label increased fourfold in the three years since 2010, to 1,249,000hl equating to 13.9 million cases (source: FranceAgriMer).

“Vin de France” was launched in 2010. The wine classification embraces all wines with a national indication. These wines are allowed to state the grape variety/varieties and the vintage on the front label. The category gives traditional French brands and companies in all regions ofFrancea platform to promote their products, and also allows them more flexibility through permitting blending across the regions.

“Vin de France” represents a simplification of the French offer, with a clear segmentation following three key assets:

1. The segment focuses on wine brands;

2. It highlights the taste profiles of the wines (variety/varieties);

3. It shows the country of origin (France).

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