American zest for limoncello

30 November, 2023

Italian producers don’t see California’s offerings as a threat, but Americans are embracing home-grown versions of the lemon liqueur.

Aquavit: spirit of the Nordics

27 November, 2023

Shay Waterworth dives into Norway’s aquavit pool and finds producers striking out to gain greater global recognition.

Spanish brandy is a big hitter despite a history lacking in marketing. But Shay Waterworth finds a sector that’s brimming with innovation today.

Italian wine output is dropping, but producers are finding ways to mitigate the damage caused by climate change and fungal disease in the vineyards.

Regenerating French brandy

16 November, 2023

St-Rémy master blender Cécile Roudaut is on a mission to modernise a well-known but misunderstood category.

Growth slows for RTDs

16 November, 2023

As the rate of growth declines, premiumisation and cocktails take the lead in a still-healthy sector. Eleanor Yates reports.

Across the drinks world, producers are instigating regenerative and sustainable farming practices. Shay Waterworth reports on some of the vital initiatives taking place.

With more exhibitor space, buyers and landlords than ever before, last month’s TFWA World Exhibition showed an industry with renewed momentum.

His bar may have been named the World’s Best, but Sips co-owner Marc Álvarez is not languishing. He shares with Oli Dodd how he plans to keep pursuing his dreams.

At the end of 2021 Alexander Stein, founder of Monkey 47, acquired a majority stake in Société des Produits d’Armagnac from Pernod Ricard with the aim of restoring Marquis de Montesquiou to its former glory. 

Managing 11 outlets across a single estate is no mean feat, and factoring in sustainability and locality adds to the enormity of the task. Gleneagles head of bars Michele Mariotti talks Oli Dodd through the job.

Hamish Smith provides the annual analysis of how this year’s World’s 50 Best Bars list has panned out.

The whisky sector could be missing out on some fine liquids by sticking to current age regulations.

The duty free drinks sector has continued to recover and premiumise after Covid despite the slow recovery of Chinese international travel.

Pre-mixed drinks have come a long way since their sugary-sweet inception, and their journey continues as demand soars among voyagers.

Taylor’s Port boss Adrian Bridge talks Oli Dodd through the ramifications of the recent UK duty hikes for the fortified wine.

While extremes of heat and plentiful rain have caused disasters around the world, producers of champagne are celebrating a bumper harvest.

GN Chan, co-founder of New York’s Double Chicken Please has been named the winner of Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award 2023 ahead of The World’s 50 Best Bars announcement next month in Singapore. 

New World rye strikes a chord

20 September, 2023

The American whiskey style has seen a boost in its fortunes in the US, and now it’s catching the eye of distillers across the globe.

Mixers think pink

20 September, 2023

Producers are innovating in mixers as they attempt to tap into new drinking trends. Eleanor Yates rounds up the latest additions.

Amaretto: beyond the Sour

20 September, 2023

Clinton Cawood finds producers are pushing forward with new and innovative serves for classic Italian liqueur amaretto.

Britain’s white rum revival

14 September, 2023

Rum tends to be associated with the Caribbean, but UK-made spirit has a long history and is now being revived.

New takes on cachaça

12 September, 2023

Sorrel Moseley-Williams finds bartenders experimenting to expand the use of Brazil’s national spirit beyond the Caipirinha.

Has the UK gin bubble burst?

07 September, 2023

The huge boom in UK gin sales is levelling off, with even the big-name brands experiencing sales slumps.

Investment, improved equipment, a warming climate – much has happened in recent years to elevate the quality and profile of English wine, particularly its fizz.

Bruichladdich’s packaging has undergone a radical overhaul, driven by environmental concerns. Global marketing director Gareth Brown discusses with Oli Dodd the unique challenges of an island such as Islay.

Belfast International Airport has not been able to cash in on the return of duty free a­fter Brexit but elsewhere the summer travel season was a soaraway success.

Eleanor Yates looks at how prosecco producers are working to differentiate their wines from other bubblies.

Matt Pietrek explores the intricate and fascinating world of molasses-alternative rums.

Shay Waterworth finds an ancient Italian drink style is enjoying a resurgence globally, with modernism meeting tradition as new brands emerge.

Rye whiskey’s revival

27 July, 2023

Recently on the verge of disappearing, rye whiskey is back winning hearts and minds thanks largely to the cocktail culture revival.

Hamish Smith speaks to Neal Bodenheimer, board member and co-resurrector of Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Macroeconomic forces are slowing the recovery of the travel retail drinks business, leading brands to rethink their strategies towards the channel.

Luxury and sustainability are a common juxtaposition but for Louis XIII, one of the most exclusive cognac brands in the business, the two concepts are being aligned. 

When the producers of a new mastiha brand wanted to get the word out to the right people, they called on a man with a history of doing just that – only he hadn’t worked in drinks before.

The capital of Greece may be best known for its historical ruins, but the thriving bar scene has brought it bang up to date in the cocktail pantheon.

RTD format suits vodka

27 July, 2023

As the spirit’s cache wanes – especially in the States – the ready-to-drink format is proving a positive space for its mixed offerings.

Sambuca has been in decline for a while, but producers believe it has potential to reach new consumers with evolving serves and cocktails.

Japan invests in whisky

22 June, 2023

Exports have become a priority for big brands as global demand increases.

Walter Meyenberg’s raison d’être is to create cultural connections through creative concepts in Mexico. To date, he has eight such ventures and explains to Oli Dodd how he got this far.

Oli Dodd charts the fall and rise of apple brandy as a handful of UK distillers revive an ancient category.

AI expert Chris Lowder explains to Shay Waterworth how the technology can be a boon to the drinks sector.

Sorrel Moseley-Williams reports on a climatically challenging but surprisingly good 2023 harvest.

Diageo employs drones to boost water conservation in Jalisco as tequila on brink of overtaking vodka as industry leader in the US.

While they put a focus on the spirit, some experts believe the explosion of brands backed by famous faces does the category and quality expectations no favours.

Hamish Smith drills down into the results and how they reflect what’s important to the bar industry.

Rémy Cointreau and Whyte & Mackay have both named new duty free heads as the peak summer travel season heralds a flurry of new exclusives.

Shay Waterworth explains why DI believes it’s so important to partner with Tales of the Cocktail on its Beyond the Bar programme.

There’s so much more to rosé beyond Provence styles – consumers just need to be made aware of other options.

The message to emerge loud and clear from the busy TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition is that travel retail’s most important market is on the road to recovery.

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