Wine company algorithm offers SEO dominance

17 May, 2017

A new initiative called Winefinder has been set up to rival beverage retailers with large amounts of pre-existing data that dominate the online eccomerce space.

Loop54, a web-based company which describes itself as a ‘deep learning product search engine’, provides the technology for Winefinder to function efficiently.

Robert Henrysson, marketing director of Winefinder, said: “Our core business allows people to, at the click of a button, buy wine from anywhere in the world.

“To do this, we need the user experience, and more specifically the searching process, to be as simple and effective as possible.”

With an automated search algorithm, Loop54 evens out the playing field between large and small organisations, by allowing companies to refine their product catalogues.

This means that alcohol retailers using Loop54 are able to achieve the same standards of site search that can normally be found with larger brands.

A spokesman from Loop54 said: “By learning from historical behavioral data, larger retailers such as Majestic Wines can learn from past transactions, and perfect the user experience for their consumers therefore giving them an advantage over competitors.

“Eccomerce platform Winefinder uses Loop54 technology to enhance its user experience, and has seen a 69% increase in sales since introducing its algorithm just over a year ago.”

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