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The Old Man Singapore launches v3 menu

24 August, 2021

The Old Man Singapore has launched a new “v3” menu inspired by the life experiences of Ernest Hemingway as well as the women he loved.

The team was given free creative rein for the new menu, capturing the essence of Hemingway’s journey in every creation in this concise menu.

“In the spirit of Hemingway’s ingenuity, each cocktail is experimental, combining culinary accoutrements and science,” said managing partner Andrew Yap.

“This menu also sees an 80% reduction in the use of fresh fruits, incorporating essential oils and essences instead, thus promoting sustainability in a tangible manner without sacrificing taste.”

One of the cocktail from the menu, #1899, pays tribute to the year Hemingway was born and is made with fermented Havana Rum, soy milk kefir, pandan distillate, gomme and orange soda.

All v3 cocktails are available from $22 while #1917, #1927, #1940 and #1952 are also available for takeaway in 250ml bottle formats at $38.

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