Adnams announces Sierra Nevada collaboration to mark 150th anniversary

19 April, 2022

Suffolk-based brewery Adnams has announced that it will be collaborating with the California-based Sierra Nevada to launch a new transatlantic pale ale. 

The release of Eastern Edge will mark Adnams’ 150th anniversary and is inspired by two key beers from each brewery, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Adnams’ cask Southwold Bitter.

“Finding like-minded brewers, sharing stories and collaborating on a new beer recipe over a pint or two – it’s truly one of the most unique and amazing things about the craft beer industry,” said Steve Grossman, brewery ambassador at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

“Being invited by Adnams to collaborate on a brew to help commemorate its 150th anniversary was sincerely a great honour. Hopefully, the good folks of Adnams will celebrate with Sierra Nevada when our brewery marks its 150th anniversary!”.

The brew has been produced using a combination of yeast from Sierra Nevada and Adnams as well as UK and US varieties of Cascade and Chinook hops.

“Adnams house yeast, which has been used since the 1920s, and Sierra Nevada’s Chico yeast, have given the breweries their distinct flavours for many years, so we thought that it would be interesting to have the yeasts work in tandem, for a true collaboration,” said Adnams head brewer, Dan Gooderham.

“American hops are such an essential component for Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, so we decided to source some UK grown hops of the same variety to add even more depth of flavour to Eastern Edge.” 

Eastern Edge will be available in 440ml cans from 25 April from and in Adnams stores as well as in cask and keg in Adnams pubs.

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